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Saturday, April 23, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Horse Show!

I had my first horse show of the season today! I rode Captain Hook (aka Cappy), my fav pony and main man. We got four firsts and three seconds!

Cappy and I had a blast. He was so good for me. Ribbons don't matter, he did almost everything I asked him to do the minute I asked him to do it. We were a definite team and it showed. I am super proud of him! He most certainly made me look good out there!

Doesn't he look cute all braided up? This is the first time we've braided him since we've had him.

Cappy's given me a lot of firsts with my riding: first project pony, first horse show, first true friendship with a horse, first farrier bill.... I always hoped he'd take me to my first blue ribbon. Well, he did better than that and took me to my first four! He's my buddy :)

Anyways, here's some pics of us at the show. I'm so glad at how well we performed :)

Oh, and props to my main trainers, Jessi and Susannah! Without them, this wouldn't have been possible :)

They couldn't have paid me to quit smiling :)

Very nice trot, Cappy

I really like this shot :)

Little horse, big horse :)

Back at the farm with Cappy, his ribbons, and my wonderful trainer, Jessi
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

PostHeaderIcon Fantastic Opportunity!

Cappy and I before our lesson with Ryan
I just had one of the best experiences of my life! Yesterday I got a lesson with a Grand Prix level dressage rider and trainer. I am one lucky girl! His name is Ryan Bell. I took the lesson on my favorite pony and he really liked him. We had planned on doing some jumping, but we were making so much progress on the flat that I asked to keep doing that rather than jump and he was ok with that. One thing we were working on was Cappy cantering from the walk. He has never learned that and it was cool teaching Cappy something new. He was such a good boy and tried super hard for me. Through Ryan's coaching, I felt like I was riding a totally different pony and I felt like a different rider. It was awesome!

I was going to have another lesson with Ryan while he is still in town, but sadly, the other pony I was going to ride was a little off, so I'm not going to ride him tomorrow. So I guess I will have another lesson when he's back in town.

At least I have had the opportunity to watch some of the other lessons he has been teaching. You can learn a lot from just watching and listening to a lesson. In fact, Ryan wants me to record other people ride so that I can look back on it and reflect and learn. It doesn't sound like a bad idea.

I wish I had pics of my lesson, but the girl who was going to take them had to go ride, and I didn't know this until after my lesson. Oh well. I guess I'll get pics next go-round. :)

It's not every day you get to take a lesson with a Grand Prix level trainer and I am very fortunate that I was able to take a lesson since he is so busy. I totally plan on taking lessons with him whenever I can when he's in town. :)
Monday, April 4, 2011

PostHeaderIcon New Dressage Trainer!

Haha, Grady's posing for the camera

 Hi, everyone! I recently got a new dressage trainer. This now makes 3 trainers for me. I am super blessed! Our lesson went very well...it was actually my first official dressage lesson! I am very excited about our new journey that's about to begin and I thought I'd share some pics :)

I love how long my leg looks in this pic

This is the most relaxed at the canter I've ever been!

I love Leslie <3
So, that's it for now. I'll continue to keep everyone updated :)

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